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History of Actifit®

Actifit® was developed over the last twenty years in conjunction with some of the world’s leading polymer scientists and orthopedic sports/medicine surgeons. Made from our unique polymer, Actifit® is the first biodegradable, synthetic scaffold, designed to help repair meniscal tears. It has shown at two years post surgery to reduce patient pain levels and return patients to pre injury activity levels.

Who manufactures Actifit®

Orteq® Sports Medicine (Orteq® Ltd) manufactures Actifit®, is headquartered in London, UK and was established in 2005 to develop and commercialize products using it’s proprietary polymer technology.

Orteq® Sports Medicine has developed and obtained CE mark for its first product Actifit®, a biodegradable, polymer scaffold, especially designed to promote new tissue growth in damaged areas of the meniscus that have become torn and then removed.

Actifit® received its CE Mark in mid 2008, and is now available throughout the European Union.

During 2011, Orteq® Sports Medicine is actively seeking approval for Actifit® in other regions of the world.